Halloween Cocoa


It’s October 22, and it was 80 degrees today. But I know it was much colder where my kids are—back east, where the seasons live.  So I thought I’d send them something to warm their tummies.

I wanted to make it Halloweenie, but also delicious. That means no candy freak’n corns, or orange M&M’s. Instead, I made orange sugar. Orange and chocolate are a classic pair, and in hot liquid form, they are irresistible.  (For those of you not studying, feel free to add a shot of Grand Marnier.)


2-3 oranges or tangerines

1-2 cups sugar

1-2 cups hot cocoa mix

1-2 cups white chocolate cocoa mix

mini marshmallows

chocolate chips


Grate the zest off of 2-3 tangerines or oranges, and combine them in a coffee mill or food processor with 1 cup of granulated sugar. Pulse until the sugar turns bright orange – about 30 seconds.

Layer the sugar in jars or clear plastic piping bags with instant hot cocoa mix, white chocolate cocoa mix, marshmallows, and chocolate chips.

To make a cup, mix all the ingredients together well, and combine it with hot water, 2 tablespoons to every cup of water.

And since you’re making orange sugar, make a bigger batch, and keep some on hand. It’s great in coffee (with a pinch of cardamom), sprinkled over pancakes, or in place of sugar in all your baking (including #Mugcakes !)

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