Frozen Fruit

There are berries available year ‘round in American grocery stores, which is super convenient. But I feel uneasy about buying fruit out of season that has been shipped from far away. The damage to the planet through the fossil fuels used to get them to me is hardly worth it. The need I have to present a pretty dessert is far less important than the need I have to leave a healthy planet for my future grand kids. I just don’t feel good about it, no matter how favorable the reviews of said dessert is.

I have no problem buying locally processed frozen fruit, but I prefer to freeze my own fruit when it is in season. No special technique is required. Sure, canned fruit, jams, and preserves are fine. But I like to hold it in zipper bags in my freezer, sans sugar or any other preparation. That frees me up to use it in whatever amazing recipe I come across later in the year, including savory recipes. I wash it, pick it free of stems, leaves, and seeds, and store in quart –sized plastic bags (which I reuse over and over…because planet).

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